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Giving Catalog 2018

Farm to Table

Lunch Line is our feeding program that we are operating at both our primary school and our high school.  This program allows us to feed our students between one and two meals a day (depending on age and grade level).  The most common food that is found in schools across Uganda is posho (a flour-based dish that is very filling) with beans served over it.  Lunch line has allowed us to increase both the taste and nutritional value by adding various vegetables daily as well as providing a piece of fruit every day for our primary students. 

Each year we try to make improvements to lunch line, and we are excited to announce that in 2018 we were able to build a fully functional chicken house at our school farm!  Our new chicken house is going to provide eggs to the school on a daily basis which will be served with breakfast for our students. 

We have continued to see changes in our students’ physical health as we have developed our Lunch Line program.  We know that as we continue to grow as an organization, we will continue transforming the health of our students through our feeding program. 

  • Sack of Flour

    Sack of Flour

    220 lbs

    $70.00 ea.

  • Sack of Beans

    Sack of Beans

    200 lbs

    $80.00 ea.

  • Saucepan


    1 Saucepan

    $250.00 ea.

  • Plates


    Set of 100

    $25.00 ea.

  • Chicken


    To provide eggs for school breakfast

    $10.00 ea.

  • Chicken Feed

    Chicken Feed

    $50.00 ea.

  • Chicken House Maintenance

    Chicken House Maintenance

    $200.00 ea.

Committed to Education

Simone’s Kids was established with the goal of providing a quality education to children in the community of Nakaseke who were not able to able to attend school, so school supplies and academic needs are important to our students and teachers.

  • Backpack with School Supplies

    Backpack with School Supplies

    Paper, Calculator, Geometry Set, + More!

    $30.00 ea.

  • Book Set for Classroom

    Book Set for Classroom

    $100.00 ea.

  • New Uniform with Sweater

    New Uniform with Sweater

    $20.00 ea.

  • Bicycle


    $100.00 ea.

  • Bible


    $25.00 ea.

  • Soccer Ball or Volley Ball

    Soccer Ball or Volley Ball

    $20.00 ea.

  • Projector


    $1,000.00 ea.


As you can see by this catalog, we have many things happening around God’s Hope Schools.  One of the most vital programs that we have recently implemented is our vocational program at the high school.  In our vocational program, we are giving students a chance to obtain a practical skill while also completing the standard high school curriculum.  Nakaseke is largely agricultural, so trade skills hold just as much value as a high school diploma in the lives of some of our students.  We started this program so that students who are not strong academically will have a way to make something of themselves after their studies.  Currently, we offer courses in tailoring, hairdressing, metal fabrication, building, and mechanics.  Each student who finishes the two year course offered at God’s Hope will graduate from that course with a certificate, lining them up for further education and the necessary skills to open up their own practice.  

  • Sewing Machine

    Sewing Machine

    $140.00 ea.

  • Sewing Needles and Thread

    Sewing Needles and Thread

    $30.00 ea.

  • Vehicle for our Mechanics Classes

    Vehicle for our Mechanics Classes

    $6,000.00 ea.

  • Tool Storage Box

    Tool Storage Box

    $400.00 ea.

  • Air Compressor

    Air Compressor

    $200.00 ea.

  • Workbench


    $150.00 ea.

  • Paving Molds

    Paving Molds

    $100.00 ea.

  • Brick Molding Machine

    Brick Molding Machine

    $550.00 ea.

  • Hairwashing Station

    Hairwashing Station

    $160.00 ea.

  • Barber Chair

    Barber Chair

    $100.00 ea.

  • Drill Bit Set

    Drill Bit Set

    $30.00 ea.

Medical Care

Last year during A Classroom for Christmas, we raised money to build an on-site medical clinic.  This clinic has given us the opportunity to treat a variety of medical conditions, to immunize our students, to clean up wounds, and to provide care to over 1,000 students and staff members around God’s Hope campus. We have two full time nurses who provide around the clock service for any need that comes.  While we have the structure of the clinic finished, there are still some needs that we are looking to meet to provide the best service possible. We are currently using twin size wooden beds, which sit low to ground and make treating a patient difficult for our nurses, and it is also taking a toll on their backs from the constant bending down.  We would love to get proper medical beds which are elevated and have built in drip stands.  This will really help make our clinic complete.

  • Restock Medicine and Supplies

    Restock Medicine and Supplies

    $500.00 ea.

  • 21 Mosquito Nets

    21 Mosquito Nets

    $100.00 ea.

  • 21 Medical Beds with attached drip stand

    21 Medical Beds with attached drip stand

    $5,000.00 ea.

Campus Development

The vision of Simone’s Kids has been pushing us to grow for the past several years, and it is continuing to carry us to new places. God has been so faithful to us and as our territories are expanding, our vision is also expanding.  With our growing campus, we continue to see areas of improvement and new ways we can grow bigger and better.   So many of our students come from broken homes, so when they come to school, they are coming into a place where we want them to feel at home.  Improving the atmosphere of our compound is important to us, so we are excited to bring some of our new ideas and projects into this catalog.

  • New Seating

    New Seating

    Many times throughout the week students gather for a time of worship, outdoor reading and studying time and just times to rest. Creating a comfortable space for them would greatly benefit the entire high school.

    $1,000.00 ea.

  • Fence


    Our high school and primary school share a property line, so we need a proper fence in order to uphold the standards of the Ministry of Education. This will help us keep our borders safe and keep our students safe.

    $2,000.00 ea.

  • Solar Panels

    Solar Panels

    Solar energy is very important in the community of Nakaseke. The power grid in our small town is not very reliable, so often times the power is cut off from the school. Having solar power helps our students sit through the evening lessons and revision time uninterrupted. We want to install solar panels in more of our classrooms so that power outages become an issue of the past!

    $5,000.00 ea.

  • Land Acquisition

    Land Acquisition

    $10,000.00 ea.

  • Staff Housing

    Staff Housing

    In Uganda, it is culturally common for schools to provide teachers with their housing. While we are currently renting rooms for our teachers, we know it would be more cost effective long term for us to construct and own staff quarters so that our teachers can have a nice place to live. Having our own teacher housing will take away the monthly expense of rent.

    $40,000.00 ea.

  • Baby Home

    Baby Home

    $60,000.00 ea.

  • Music and Arts Building

    Music and Arts Building

    $80,000.00 ea.

  • Ten-Classroom Block

    Ten-Classroom Block

    $330,000.00 ea.

  • High School Boys Bathroom

    High School Boys Bathroom

    $10,000.00 ea.

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